Occupier Ballot 2018 – 2021

In December 2017 we sought the support of our members to build on the progress we have achieved over the last decade and implement the next three years of our 2020 vision to continue delivering a new West End.

92% of West End businesses voted in favour of our three-year business proposal that will see us deliver a comprehensive management plan for the most celebrated streets in London’s West End. We have also extended our BID to include a further 49 streets in North and East Mayfair and North of Oxford Street.

As an understanding of the pressure caused by business rate increases, a reduction in BID levy from 1% to 0.65% has been introduced to support members. This will affect 80% of businesses in the district.

To read the full Business Proposal please click here.

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Over the next 1,000 days, we guarantee delivery of the following 8 pledges:

1.     The transformation of Bond Street

2.     £40m of investment to commence with the Oxford Street District Vision

3.     To campaign for more traffic-free days and better public space on Regent Street

4.     Market-leading insights

5.     West End Wi-Fi

6.     £25m of business investment in the area

7.     Increased customer dwell time and spend

8.     New Christmas lights on Oxford Street


The Mayor of London

The Mayor of London offered his support for our Business Proposal.

View his personal message about the significance of the West End here: