Oxford Street District Consultation

Westminster City Council has launched its consultation for the future of the Oxford Street District. This page outlines the details of their proposals and how New West End Company will be responding.

For any enquiries about the consultation or our response please contact our Director of Placemaking, Dan Johnson, on dan.johnson@newwestend.com

Oxford Street District Consultation

On 6 November, Westminster City Council launched its consultation for the future of the Oxford Street District. The proposals relate to Oxford Street and the streets immediately surrounding it. It looks at traffic reduction, enhanced public realm and policies to encourage good growth.

This new set off proposals by Westminster City Council replaces the joint Westminster City Council and Transport for London (TfL) proposals from 2017.

Westminster City Council has allocated £150 million over the following three years to the project. They are seeking additional funding from other sources, including The Mayor, TfL and businesses.

The Consultation runs until 16 December. Full details of the consultation are at www.osd.london

New West End Company will make a response on behalf of West End businesses.

Consultation Details

The consultation contains three sections.

Section One comprises twelve principles for the district and three specifically for Oxford Street.

Section Two comprises elements of the Place Strategy to put the principles into practice.

Section Three comprises the Delivery Plan which looks in detail at nine zones from Marble Arch to Tottenham Court Road.

You can see an overview of the Principles, Place Strategy and Delivery Plan here.

Consultation Events

New West End Company held a series of consultation events with our member businesses to gather views for our response in November 2018.

Westminster City Council is holding a series of consultation events and a pop-up space throughout November and December 2018. For further details click here.

New West End Company Response

New West End Company will post the outline of our response on this web page as a guide to members.

Read our full response here.

You can see New West End Company’s earlier response here.

Businesses are also urged to submit their own responses.  There is a response survey on the Oxford Street District website.

Draft London Plan and Draft City Plan

The key growth policies for the West End will be contained in the Mayor’s London Plan and Westminster City Council’s City Plan.  You can see the draft London Plan details here.

New West End Company successfully promoted our four key issues during the consultation on the draft London Plan.  These have been incorporated.  You can see these here.

The City Plan was published for consultation on 12 November. View the draft plan and share your views on it here.

Read New West End Company’s response to the draft City Plan here.