New West End Company response to the Autumn Budget 2017

The Chancellor delivered his Autumn Budget speech today, setting out the Government’s vision for Britain’s future. Emphasising the need to reduce debt and support families and business he talked up the sense of opportunity, embracing change and emphasised the strengths of the British economy.

Jace Tyrrell, Chief Executive of New West End Company, said:

“We welcome these measures which will lessen a little the annual inflation rise that West End retailers business face and also, through more frequent revaluations, make it easier for businesses to plan for readjustments to their rates bills.

But these are marginal changes to a tax system that we do not believe is fit for purpose in the 21st century.

We will continue to push for a wide-ranging review of the way in which businesses are taxed to contribute to the funding of essential local services.”

Wed 22 November 2017