Improved environment enhancing values

It is essential that the quality, cleanliness and safety of the West End matches up to its world-leading retail and leisure mix, so that visitors don’t just benefit from the best shopping but also the best experience.

With the expected increase in visitor numbers after the opening of the Elizabeth line in December 2018, we will provide more robust management of public spaces throughout the district, concentrating on keeping our streets clean and welcoming for everyone.

We are collaborating with businesses, local government and agencies to work towards a cleaner, safer, more welcoming environment.

This includes deep cleaning streets, reducing waste and tackling shoplifting and anti-social behaviour. We are also pushing forward a new digital infrastructure for the West End to improve the shopper experience and ensure we are competitive with other key retail centres around the world.

For details on street services and management in the West End, please contact Paul Trumper on

Improving air quality

Making the West End a cleaner place to live, shop and work is a key focus for us as we look to transform the West End over the coming years.

We are working closely with the Mayor of London to tackle air pollution and have been at the forefront of shaping solutions with businesses to reduce traffic congestion.

In June 2016 we launched our Air Quality Strategy, the UK’s first business-led scheme to improve air quality in the West End, which aims to reduce air pollution by 10% and commercial vehicle trips by 40% within the BID area by 2020.

In 2017 we ran a successful waste consolidation pilot on Bond Street which led to a 95% reduction in waste vehicles. This year we are extending a preferred supplier scheme that aims to reduce traffic congestion and decrease air pollution whilst saving businesses money.

For details on improving air quality in the West End, please contact Dan Johnson on


  • 9.75 football pitches worth of pavement deep cleaned in 2017

  • 3,500 security incidents dealt with by our security team in 2017

  • 95% reduction in waste vehicles on Bond Street