We are a results-driven team delivering for our members and partners – strengthening the West End as the world’s top shopping and leisure destination.

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Dee Corsi,
Chief Operating Officer

Strategic projects

Cynthia Grant,
Bond Street Project Director
Lucy Turnbull,
Bond Street & Bird Street Project Executive

Communications & Insights

Paul Barnes,
Director of Communications
Jessica Pearn,
Corporate Communications Manager
Uttam Singh,
Insight Executive
Kristina Court,
Corporate Events Manager
Kristin Mortensen,
Business Engagement Manager
Danielle Purnell,
Business Communications Executive
Dave Shaw,
Corporate Events Associate

Marketing & Events

Luciana Magliocco,
Head of Consumer Marketing
Lucy Havercroft,
Head of Tourism
Nabila Richardson,
Marketing & Events Executive
Lucy Prichard,
Project Manager Marketing
Katy Ferguson,
Digital Marketing Coordinator

Street management & services

Paul Trumper,
Head of Place Management
Joanna Jedrasiak,
Project Manager (Sustainability & Recruitment)
Isabelle Benard,
Recruit West End
Welcome Ambassadors

Office administration

Nicola Gibson,
Executive Manager to Chairman & CEO
Grace Whiting,
Finance Assistant
Izzy Coote,
Office Assistant