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Our 2020 Strategy

We are now on the brink of even greater change in the West End. Major public realm work is underway on Bond Street, we are shaping the future vision for the Oxford Street district and the Elizabeth Line opening in December will result in 60 million additional annual visits by 2020 benefiting businesses in Regent Street, Mayfair and the wider West End with an extra £1 billion in turnover each year.

Over the coming four years we will continue to drive footfall, sales and investment opportunities. We will work closely with businesses and partners so the West End is ready for the Elizabeth Line. We will be a key partner delivering a new West End.

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  • Raise £4 million p.a. of commercial income to match occupier BID levy

  • Increase visitor dwell time by 30 minutes (from 2015 baseline)

  • Achieve 20% increase in average spend (from 2015 baseline)

  • Deliver a £10 million regeneration scheme for Bond Street

  • Generate £10 million sales from our ‘By Appointment’ service (2015 – 2020)

  • Reduce vehicles by 50% in the core West End

  • Attract £500 million capital investments in retail & leisure businesses

  • Deliver 2000 new retail jobs and apprenticeships

  • Secure £100 million global media coverage for the West End

  • Achieve 85% member satisfaction