Oxford street district vision

Westminster City Council and Transport for London have launched a consultation on a vision for the Oxford Street District.

The opening of the Elizabeth line at the end of 2018 will require significant investment together with major changes to transport patterns and public realm to accommodate safely and comfortably the estimated 60 million additional visits that will arrive at the two new West End stations.

This provides a once in a lifetime opportunity to create and deliver a long-term vision for the Oxford Street District. This vision, combined with planned improvements to Bond Street and the magnificent redevelopment of Regent Street, will enable the West End to maintain and enhance its standing as the World’s top shopping, entertainment and commercial district.

The consultation asks three questions about the need to transform Oxford Street, options for traffic reduction and public realm improvements: and other measures that would improve the district.

Westminster City Council and TfL are keen to hear from businesses, employees, shoppers and residents to get a full range of responses.  Your views are really important so please do take a few minutes to respond to the consultation.

This website is a resource for New West End Company members and others who have an interest in this vision.

First we provide you with details of the consultation process and the link to TfL’s consultation site.  Then we outline New West End Company’s initial position and our main principles. Please feel free to include them in your response if you support them.

Over the next few weeks we will publish various reports and studies that help to inform our response.

If you would like to know more, contact Paul Barnes, Head of Communications, on 07969 111619 or at campaigns@newwestend.co.uk.

New West End Company is running two workshops to help members formulate their responses to Westminster City Council and Transport for London’s consultation on the transformation of the Oxford Street district. 

Workshop 1
DATE: Wednesday 3 May, 2017
TIME: 8.30am – 10.00am
VENUE: Great Portland Estate Marketing Suite, 9th Floor, Oxford House, 76 Oxford Street, London W1D 1BS

Workshop 2
DATE: Wednesday 10 May, 2017
TIME: 8.30am – 10.00am
VENUE: Gerald Eve, 72 Welbeck Street, London W1G 0AY

To attend, please RSVP to oxfordstreetvision@newwestend.com

The consultation process

Oxford Street District Vision

There will be two elements to the Oxford Street District Vision consultation, run by Westminster City Council and Transport for London.

Element one seeks views on a vision for the district. This element of the consultation was launched on April 24th and closes on June 18th.

You can see the consultation booklet, view questions and learn about the public workshops here.

Element two, towards the end of 2017, will consult on the detail of the vision chosen as the preferred option.

Elizabeth line ready

In parallel to the consultation, Westminster City Council and Transport for London are producing a range of transport, public realm and street management improvements working with New West End Company in preparation for the opening of the Elizabeth line. These include improvements to Hanover Square Crossrail station site and Bond Street.

Other relevant consultations

There will be a range of other consultations that have an impact on the vision. These include the review of the Mayor’s London Plan, the review of the Westminster City Plan, and various planning policies, for example on tall buildings.

New West End Company will provide links to these consultations as they are announced.

Our position on an Oxford Street District Vision

New West End Company strongly supports the need for a clear vision to guide the future growth of the West End. This will allow us to compete globally while maintaining the district’s unique character created by its heritage and residential elements.

We believe this will require more than the transport and public realm changes planned to accommodate the Elizabeth line, although these will be central. The vision should also explore the economic and employment growth proposals for the district, together with residential and other interests. This will help us determine the ambitions for the district and the steps needed to realise them.

Traffic reduction options

New West End Company representing 600 retailers and property owners in Bond Street, Oxford Street and Regent Street wants to see the creation of vehicle free areas during specific periods within the day and evening across our district. Transport access and convenience must be maintained for shoppers, workers and residents with easy access to public transport including buses, taxis and the tube.

Aim: A vibrant economy for the West End’s retail district that maximises its full commercial potential delivering growth whilst balancing accessibility, safety, and environmental improvements for citizens, shoppers, employers and employees.

Objectives for Elizabeth line opening: One of our top business priorities is to see the West End as a place dominated by people not traffic. With 60 million more visits expected a year with the arrival of the Elizabeth line, our members want to see immediate steps taken to radically reduce traffic and improve air quality across Bond Street, Oxford Street and Regent Street including;

  1. At least 50%  reduction of all traffic entering Oxford Street and Regent Street by the end of 2018
  2. Remove the worse polluting vehicles from our streets and aim for all public transport and service vehicles entering the area to only use electric power by the end of 2018
  3. Bring forward the ultra-low emission zone to be in place by the full opening of the Elizabeth line

Our members don’t support options that simply direct traffic down neighbouring residential or commercial streets. We need to see a significant reduction in traffic and any future options of vehicle free zones in the area require full economic and operational assessments on the impact to businesses and the local amenity. Reducing traffic must be supported by significant investment into public realm improvements, improved access and a robust management plan creating a globally renowned commercial district.

We will publish our response online once it has been completed and submitted on June 18th.

Business study to inform Vision

Over the past two years, New West End Company has commissioned a detailed Business Study to help respond to the employment and growth targets set by the West End Partnership and the need for a district vision.

This study with a significant evidence base, global and local benchmarking along with feedback from conversations with businesses, residents, employees and shoppers, will form the basis of our response to the consultation.

Our Business Study will be launched to our members on Thursday 15 June at the London Real Estate Forum.

These are the eight key principles that will form the basis of New West End Company’s response to the consultation.

Together we believe that these will help to create a vision for the Oxford Street district that secures the long-term success of the West End and provide the policy environment needed to deliver it.

  1. Take this once in a lifetime opportunity, provided by the opening of the Elizabeth line, to create an ambitious long-term vision for the Oxford Street District that incorporates both transport and economic growth measures and ensure that relevant policies are produced to deliver the vision.
  2. Significantly reduce the volume of traffic in the West End – reduction not redirection – in ways that works for businesses.
  3. Expand the boundaries of the International Shopping Centre and the West End Special Retail Policy Area to broaden the Oxford Street District so that it can grow in ways that best serve businesses, residents and visitors.
  4. Encourage a broader range of uses, such as leisure, culture and civic amenities, which complement shopping uses in order to attract more visitors and encourage them to stay longer.
  5. Promote greater intensification of use by allowing higher buildings and the sensitive addition of new levels on existing building to provide the commercial space needed to meet the economic and employment growth targets set by the West End Partnership.
  6. Promote the evening economy of the Oxford Street district by encouraging the extension of day time activities and introduction more evening uses.
  7. Develop and promote a cultural strategy for the Oxford Street district to widen its appeal to visitors.
  8. Prepare Planning and Design Guidance that promote and guide the design, use and management of buildings and public spaces in ways that will help deliver the long-term vision.

Studies and documents

This page will hosts all the consultation documents created for New West End Company as well as news items. Watch this space as we add them in the coming weeks.

Online survey

Tell us what you think about our six key principles to help inform our response to the consultation. Take part in our online survey.